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Jello or jello? 12 Terms To Test Your Capitalization IQ

Green Jello - the best kindHere are a dozen terms from everyday language that often are written incorrectly. Some are capitalized and shouldn’t be; others shouldn’t be capitalized but are. Take the test, and then check the answers and explanations.*

No cheating!

  1. band-aid vs. Band-Aid
  2. cellophane vs. Cellophane
  3. fiberglass vs. Fiberglass
  4. formica vs. Formica
  5. internet vs. Internet
  6. jello vs. Jello
  7. kleenex vs. Kleenex
  8. mace vs. Mace
  9. mo-ped vs. Mo-Ped
  10. q-tips vs. Q-Tips
  11. realtor vs. Realtor
  12. web vs. Web


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