Writing Has Renewed Importance In Electronic Age

Want to get hired? Working on a job promotion? Hoping to impress someone? I can help you put your best foot forward with error-free writing.

With much of today’s communication dependent on mobile devices and web-based technology, we meet people, create first impressions, continue our interactions and conduct business electronically.

Writing well has gained renewed importance. Effective communication depends on the words we choose and how we use punctuation for clarity.

Rushed or carelessly composed messages in the workplace take extra time to read and decipher, resulting in miscommunication and its inherent costs. Because electronic messages lack facial expression, tone of voice and body language, misunderstandings can harm customer relationships, erode loyalty and hurt the bottom line.

Precise grammar creates a solid foundation for clear, effective communication. Grammar for People Who Hate Rules: Killer Tips from The Ruthless Editor, an easy-to-use guide packed with examples of Standard American English, can help you decide which word works best, when to add a comma, what needs to be capitalized … and more.

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