Don’t Let Headline Errors Hurt Your Credibility

I’ve stated more than once that if a writer is going to make a mistake, a headline is the worst place for that to happen. We skim headlines to decide which stories to further explore, so errors there are seen by more readers than errors within a story. Here’s a batch of recent headlines that, if I were editing them, […]

Don’t Repeat These Grammar Errors From Recent Headlines

Headlines provide never-ending examples of incorrect grammar, whether in word choice, word order or punctuation. Reminder: I define grammar as the words we choose, how we string them together, and how we use punctuation to give them meaning. News stories and their headlines should be examples of excellent writing. They also should conform to Standard […]

Headline Lessons: Contractions, Redundancies, Verb Forms

Today is a holiday in the U.S. — The Fourth of July (Independence Day) — so many of you probably are not in your office or at your computer. But my email list is not limited to U.S. residents, so I went to my latest collection of headlines to develop a post for those of […]

7 Headlines, 8 Grammar Lessons

In the past, I’ve used headlines to show how to — but more often how NOT to — write or speak. Examples teach best. This post’s seven headlines comprise three good and four bad examples that involve correct word use, incorrect word use, and redundancies. One headline boasts a double whammy: two grammatical errors in just nine words! Please know that […]

Grammatical Errors Sabotage Writer’s Message, Credibility

When this headline written by a member of one of my LinkedIn groups hit my inbox, I did a double take: Is you Networking, Notworking? Although it’s catchy, I clicked on the link to see if the errors — you instead of your, no capital Y, and a comma where none is needed — were intentional as a means […]

Headlines: The Good, The Bad, And The Lessons They Offer

Headlines, along with photos or graphics, catch your attention and draw you into a story. An error in a headline is much more apt to be seen than an error within the story. I’ve always considered a headline error and a misspelled name the two most egregious mistakes a writer/editor can make — and this Ruthless Editor has made her share. But errors provide grammar lessons, […]