7 Headlines, 8 Grammar Lessons

In the past, I’ve used headlines to show how to — but more often how NOT to — write or speak. Examples teach best. This post’s seven headlines comprise three good and four bad examples that involve correct word use, incorrect word use, and redundancies. One headline boasts a double whammy: two grammatical errors in just nine words! Please know that […]

9 Flawed Headlines And How To Make Them Better

My list of flawed headlines again has grown. From word misuse such as squash vs. quash and cement vs. concrete; to mismatching a noun, verb and pronoun; to the redundancy lagging behind, this ruthless editor finds multiple grammar lessons. Today’s rapid news cycle likely is somewhat to blame. “Haste makes waste,” anyone? Some examples deal with politically charged topics. Please know that they are selected […]

6 Everyday Words You Don’t Want To Mess Up

Myriad and kudos are of Greek origin, which could be why we sometimes have a hard time knowing exactly how to use them. Usage disagreement emerges from even respected sources: Is it myriad or a myriad of? 1. myriad: many, a countless or infinite number; also, both numerous and diverse In the following examples, either myriad or a myriad […]

10 Headlines That Teach Grammar Lessons on Grammar Day

Happy Grammar Day! It’s time to acknowledge the importance of picking just the right words and just the right punctuation to clearly communicate your message. If you think “proper” grammar, with all of its rules and guidelines, is a thing of the past, please check out my Ruthless Editor Grammar Day column: What Is Grammar, and Why Does […]