Book Endorsements

I look at quite a few websites every day for my job, and 9 out of 10 have blatant grammatical errors. And I am not referring to just sites for small businesses; I am referring to major corporations! Kathleen, so many people need your book.

Cheryl AispornaDirector of Clinical Operations
Trinity Air MedicaI
Chandler, Arizona

I’m a sucker for useful books to make one a better writer. I’ve added to my collection Grammar For People Who Hate Rules: Killer Tips From The Ruthless Editor because I like it and because it is written by part-time Wisconsinite Kathleen Watson. Not only would it make a good textbook; the three bonus tips by themselves make owning the book worthwhile.

Neil HeinenEditorial Director
WISC-TV and Madison Magazine

Easy to read and packed with practical tips that will make you a better writer and speaker. If you ever struggle with word use or punctuation, make this book your grammar bible!

Brian Udermann,, speaker, educator
University of Wisconsin-La Crosse

Kathleen Watson is my personal grammar cop. As a publicity expert and professional writer who cranks out content by the barrel, I appreciate her wisdom and candor. You will too. Whether you’re writing a book, selling freelance articles, sharing content online or applying for a job, buy this book and keep it within arm’s reach. It can keep you out of trouble and make you a whole lot smarter.

Greater Milwaukee Area

A five-star grammar guide written by a superb editor. Spare yourself a lifetime of grammatical grief: BUY THIS BOOK!

James Randall Millerauthor of Untangling Claire and Howling Across Bridges
Greater Phoenix Area

Kathy uses examples from current media to cleverly guide us in the use of proper grammar. A reliable resource for general as well as technical and scientific writing, this practical book is perfect for both native and non-native English writers and speakers.

Dawn WagenknechtPh.D., microbiology and immunology

I wish I’d had this book when I began my career as a professor; I would have made it required reading for my graduate students! While most were excellent scientists, writing did not come easily to them. Buy this easy-to-understand guide: It will be invaluable to you and any student who struggles with English grammar.

Rajan SuriIndustrial Engineering Professor Emeritus,
author, educator, international speaker

University of Wisconsin-Madison

Email dominates communication in the business world. Your messages make an immediate and indelible impression. A poorly written email can haunt you forever. Keep these Killer Tips at your fingertips and consult them often to help convey that you’re an intelligent, well-educated, conscientious business professional.

Scott FredrickCEO
Phoenix Products Company Inc.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

I almost lost a prestigious national award by submitting presentation material with several grammatical errors. Kathleen’s book will always be on my desk.

David Youngowner Studio Four Magazine, author of
The Other Side of Luck, retired faculty Washington State University

Charlotte, North Carolina

Buy this book, and you will appear to be a whole lot smarter than you actually are.

Steve Hannahuniversally admired former CEO of The Onion,
American's most literate news source

My staff members count on Kathy’s Killer Tips to help them mind their grammar p’s and q’s. Buy this book to help your employees make great first impressions and establish sound business relationships.

Debra McConnellPresident/CEO,
Alhambra Credit Union

It takes just 30 seconds for a prospective client to decide whether or not you are credible, competent and trustworthy. When first encounters are electronic documents rather than in person, your success relies on vocabulary, punctuation and grammar. This comprehensive-yet-accessible guide will ensure that you get to the next step.

Jacqui SakowskiInternational Sales Coach, consultant, author
Madison, Wisconsin

Because 95% or more of my daily communication is by email, clear, concise writing is critically important. Misunderstandings can be costly. Kathy’s book of Killer Tips is a must-have if you ever question whether you’re using the correct word or putting a comma in the right place.

Dan SwansonVice President Preconstruction, JP Cullen general contractor
Janesville, Madison, Milwauke Wisconsin

My reports for attorneys, judges and healthcare professionals have to be clear and concise. I count on Kathy’s Killer Tips to answer any questions I have about word and punctuation use.

Cynthia WaltersForensic Mental Health CounselorNapa, California

The Ruthless Editor’s Grammar for People Who Hate Rules is designed to instruct, explain and encourage the reader with a series of easy-to-follow lessons. I highly recommend this informative book!

Kathleen M. GalvinProfessor, Communication Studies
Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois

I’m a Ruthless Editor fan and regularly follow her blog. The Killer Tips in this book force me to re-examine my own writing, reminding me of what I know and teaching me things I need to know.

Charles Myhillold-school journalist, world traveler
British-Australian-Canadian citizen

In this age of digital communication, everyone — from neophyte student to established author — needs this book!

Joanne CantorProfessor Emerita, speaker, researcher, author
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Engineers in every field have to write clearly; career progression depends on being able to articulate complex technical issues and ideas. Kathy’s Killer Tips, with their concise, clever examples, highlight current trends and usage. I consult Grammar for People Who Hate Rules often, and I highly recommend it to others in my field.

Andrew SprouseSoftware Engineer

Whether in person, on the phone, or by text, email or online chat, my staff members must present themselves as experts. Our writing and speaking shape our bank’s image and support our brand. Kathy’s Killer Tips — easy, quick and fun to read — keep us on our toes and inspire customer confidence.

Jude LengellManager of Deposit Operations
and Customer Support
Greater Milwaukee Area

Not a day goes by that I don’t question my punctuation or word use in email correspondence with clients, customers, business associates and friends. Kathy’s book stays right next to my computer!

Georgia JanischDietitianWisconsin