Communication Ranks High On List Of Job Skills For 2016

Problem solving requires communication. Communication requires grammarOnline sources are rich with information about what kinds of job skills top the list for 2016. The demand for technology-savvy employees is no surprise, but the ability to analyze problems and generate solutions counts as well.

So do communication skills.

Oral and written communication skills are vital in the workplace, but … writing skills are particularly important. No matter what type of position you hold it’s likely you’ll provide some sort of input on written reports, as well as make contact with colleagues and customers via professional email messages. You should also expect to contribute during meetings and team presentations.

A mastery of grammar — of today’s standard usage — is key to communicating well, whether you’re writing or speaking. Grammar counts when applying for a job, when interviewing for a job, and after securing the job.

Problem solving topped the list of eight skills. As mentioned, communication was second, followed by math skills, teamwork, technology application, technical skills, creativity and career management.

If you’re a maker of New Year’s resolutions, and if you want to get hired or promoted in the coming year, add sharpening your communication skills to your list.

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Kathy Watson

Kathy Watson has a love/hate relationship with grammar; she loves words and the punctuation that helps them make sense, yet she hates those pesky rules. A self-proclaimed ruthless editor, she prefers standard usage guidelines of The Associated Press Stylebook. Her easy-to-use Grammar for People Who Hate Rules helps people write and speak with authority and confidence. She encourages and welcomes questions and comments. (Email)