What Others Say

“I love your grammar tips, Kathy. Not only are they helping me in my use of the English language, but they are written in a wonderfully genuine way. Thank you!”

Pauline Krutilla, Director
Aurora Employee Assistance Program
Wauwatosa, Wis.

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“Kathy helped us for 12 years before we decided we needed an in-house marketing coordinator. She assisted with a variety of marketing, advertising and public relations activities: newsletters, brochures, RFPs, Web text, trade publication articles and press releases. In fact, when Kathy was handling our publicity, I often got comments about the frequency of our media exposure.”

Mark Cullen, Chairman
J.P. Cullen & Sons Inc.
Janesville, Wis.

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“Kathy turned my rough manuscript into one worthy of being published. She is a master of the written word, and her expert suggestions were critical for readers, yet gentle and educational to me. When writing on complex subjects, as I often do, I have found it common for editors to change the tone and intent of a passage when suggesting a rewrite. In contrast, Kathy’s recommendations were sensitive to preserve the thought that I wanted to express.”

Joe Campana, Ph.D.
J. Campana & Associates
Madison, Wis.

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“When my sister was making plans to retire from her 20 years as a professor at the University of Idaho, I wanted to do something special to honor her legacy of teaching and research. I knew that Kathy was a writer and editor, and I found out that she also created commemorative poems. We met, and I shared with her some details of growing up with my sister and her career path. Kathy fashioned a poem that artfully described my sister’s drive, dedication aind accomplishment. The piece had a perfect balance of humor and respect, of facts and feeling. I was honored to read it for the retirement celebration, and my sister was delighted with the personal tribute.”

Jan Bruss, Retired Educator
Buckeye, Arizona

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“Kathy capably produced newsletters for both internal and external audiences, and she developed good working relationships at all levels of the company. She also applied her expertise to editing employee manuals for my clients; she has a knack for converting complex ideas into understandable thoughts and language. I could always trust Kathy with confidential information.”

Jon Dahle, President
Dahle & Associates LLC
Lake Mills, Wis.

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“I especially appreciated Kathy’s ability to listen to my sometimes rambling thoughts, and then put them together in a coherent way that made sense to readers and reflected well on me and on Hufcor.”

Jim Landherr, [former] President
Janesville, Wis.

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