Like words? Care about punctuation? Welcome home!

I love words!

Words can inform, helping us learn.

Words can misinform, leading us astray

Words can heal, helping us feel better.

Words can hurt, damaging our self-esteem.

Words can make us happy, make us angry, make us laugh, make us sad.

Words play an important role in our lives, which is why this blog is about …  you guessed it: WORDS

I like punctuation as well, because commas, periods and semicolons add meaning and clarity to the way we arrange our words. So I’ll have comma comments from time to time as well.

I don’t want to become the grammar police, but I’ve found that I can learn through the mistakes of others. And some word mishaps are downright funny!

You’ll find examples here of how people use — and misuse — words, all with the purpose of informing you, appreciating (or not) the utterances of others, and sometimes entertaining us all.