Pre-existing or Preexisting, Health Care or Healthcare: Which Is Right?

Pre-existing (or is it preexisting?) conditions and health care (or is it healthcare?) have taken over headlines and are dominating conversations across the country. What is the grammatically correct way to express these words in writing? My foremost source, The Associated Press Stylebook, prefers pre-existing with a hyphen, explaining: Like it? Share it!

Benefited vs. Benefitted: Single or Double t?

I’ve written in past blogs about whether you should double the t before adding ed or ing to benefit. Because I often see benefitted and benefitting, I decided it was time to check other grammar sources: The Associated Press Stylebook The Chicago Manual of Style Webster’s New World College Dictionary All five agree that […]

Exclamation Points Convey Excitement, But Use Them With Care

Wow!!! Have you noticed how often exclamation points are overused?!! It’s over the top!!!! A reader weighed in on exclamation points in my recent blog on pet peeves: “The exclamation point is overused to the point it has lost its intent in the communication I read.” What is the intent of an exclamation point? Like it? […]

Grammatical Errors Sabotage Writer’s Message, Credibility

When this headline written by a member of one of my LinkedIn groups hit my inbox, I did a double take: Is you Networking, Notworking? Although it’s catchy, I clicked on the link to see if the errors — you instead of your, no capital Y, and a comma where none is needed — were intentional as a means […]

Language Evolves: New Words From 2015

The English language evolves daily. I enjoy following other grammar blogs, because I love learning from people who take as much interest in words and punctuation as I do. However, it was disconcerting to see a recent blog — apparently fairly popular — that praised a resource published in 1926 and “lightly revised” in 1965. 1965? That was 50 years ago! […]

You’ll Learn To Love The Interrobang

When you want to express query along with either outrage or extreme surprise or excitement, both the question mark and the exclamation point let you down. Combining a question mark with an exclamation point yields the interrobang, a form of punctuation that has been around since 1962 but has yet to really catch on. The Economist, of all publications, […]

12 Tips For Better Business Emails

The concept of email emerged in 1971, and the familiar format — Date, From, To, Subject, Message — is based on the memo format of the typewriter era.  Typewriters have gone the way of the dinosaur, but there doesn’t appear to be anything on the horizon to replace email. Brushing up on grammar is a […]