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  • Need grammar tips? Look no further October 2016 review by Galveston, Texas, author and columnist Mark Lardas. “Keeping track of grammar’s myriad conventions can be eye-glazingly dull, but is still important to do it right. Watson makes things easy to find and explains things clearly. Each topic is briefly covered with a focused, typically two-page discussion. Watson includes examples of the right way and wrong way, explaining the difference. She closes with a tip or quote accentuating her message.”
  • Central Time National Grammar Day 2017 interview on Wisconsin Public Radio with Rob Ferrett and Veronica Rueckert. Kathleen Watson begins 4 minutes into this segment from the show: audio
  • How to Hitch a Ride on Someone Else’s Holiday to Sell Books March 2017 article by Joan Stewart.  “… the genius move that Kathleen Watson made when she associated her book with National Grammar Day. Find out how she capitalized on a relatively unknown holiday and gained a lot of readers for her effort.”
  • Madison Magazine January 2017: Side Notes by Neil Heinen, editorial director, about Grammar for People Who Hate Rules: “Not only would it make a good textbook; the three bonus tips by themselves make owning the book worthwhile.”
  • Northwestern University Alumni Publication Winter 2016:
    mention of publication of Grammar for People Who Hate Rules.

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