The Power Of Thank You

The power of thank you notes“The deepest principle in human nature is the craving to be appreciated,” wrote American philosopher and psychologist William James.

With that as my cue, allow me to extend sincere thanks to those of you who subscribe to or drop in to read my weekly blog posts. It really makes my day when one of you leaves a positive comment or sends me an email to let me know you’ve learned something or you appreciate the information I provide.

How often do most of us take time to show appreciation?

I have produced a lot of newsletters in my professional life. I recall interviewing a banker to write her retirement profile for an employee publication. She commented that the most rewarding part of her job was the knowledge that she truly was helping people:

I especially appreciate the terrific customers whose moms taught them how to say thank you. I love helping, but I also love to hear “Thank you.”

In another professional setting, I was talking with workshop attendees about business etiquette. Because handwritten thank-you notes are so rare, I encourage people to write them. It not only makes the recipient feel good; it sets you apart and makes you memorable — a good thing in our highly competitive business world.

I asked the group of 20 how many could remember receiving a thank-you note in the last month. One woman raised her hand and reported that of 100 people who had attended a special event she had planned and executed, only one had sent her a thank-you note.

It doesn’t take much effort to speak words of appreciation, and it takes just a few minutes to write three or four lines of thanks.

I encourage you to find a few minutes every day to show appreciation — whether in person, by email, or the old fashioned way: with a handwritten note — to the people who make your job or your life easier or more pleasant.

Again, thank you — for visiting my site, for reading my blog, for sharing it with others, for sending me topics or asking me questions, and for letting me know when something resonates with you.

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Kathy Watson

Kathy Watson has a love/hate relationship with grammar; she loves words and the punctuation that helps them make sense, yet she hates those pesky rules. A self-proclaimed ruthless editor, she prefers standard usage guidelines of The Associated Press Stylebook. Her easy-to-use Grammar for People Who Hate Rules helps people write and speak with authority and confidence. She encourages and welcomes questions and comments. (Email)

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  1. AvatarSharon

    Kathy, I am so thankful for your friendship and even though we don’t see one another often any more, the good times are never far from my thoughts. Thanks, friend. 🙂

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