Laugh While You Learn: 101 Myths, Urban Legends and Old Wives Tales

Book cover - tv rots brainIf you like to learn and laugh at the same time, I have a recommendation: TV Rots Your Brian … Or Does It? Was Mom Wrong?

An entertaining and educational read, this captivating collection of truth, fiction, urban legends and old wives tales makes a perfect holiday gift for just about anyone: friend, family member, boss, teacher, colleague, client.

This is the second book by author Brian Udermann, Ph.D., a University of Wisconsin-La Crosse professor and health and motivational humorist. It opens with a true/false quiz followed by short, easy-to-read chapters that explore topics related to exercise and fitness, nutrition, general health, and children.

A final section on a range of zany myths will leave you informed, astounded, and armed with trivia to enliven any foundering conversation.

I met Brian in spring 2012 and began editing TV Rots Your Brain chapter by chapter over the next two years. What a delightful project! I loved learning as I worked, and I appreciate that his information is backed by research where appropriate.

How would you rate these statements: true or false?

You burn more calories when you drink ice-cold water.

Pickle juice can help alleviate muscle cramps.

Taping a copper penny to a bee sting will relieve the pain.

Drinking champagne is a faster path to intoxication than beer, wine or hard liquor.

Children should not lift weights for fitness training until they turn 13.

An average person unknowingly swallows eight spiders a year while sleeping

A beheaded chicken in Colorado actually lived for 18 months.

You’ll be surprised and enlightened by Brian’s wealth of engaging information. Because most chapters run just two pages, it’s perfect bedtime reading or a suitable addition to any bathroom library.

Brian’s first book, 25 Ways to Cure the Hiccups: Uncovering 101 Truths Behind 101 Common Myths and Misconceptions, follows a similar format; it kicks off with a true/false quiz and unfolds in short chapters.

Footnote: Despite what I considered thorough and meticulous multiple edits, the person who formatted the pages re-entered some chapter headlines during the layout stage, introducing two typographical errors:

  • Myth 1 has an OF that should be an IF.
  • Myth 96 has LIGHTING instead of LIGHTNING.

The e-book version has been corrected, but the first print run will reflect those blips.

Consider TV Rots Your Brain … Or Does It? for just about anyone on your holiday shopping list. Order a copy for yourself as well!

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Kathy Watson

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